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Marte.Marte Architects designed a veterinary practice in the midst of the Alpine landscape

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Previously featured in Thisispaper, an acclaimed Austrian architecture office Marte.Marte Architects brings a sophisticated design dedicated to animal treatment.
Words: Thisispaper, Joerg Stadler
Photography: Marc Lins Photography

With no doubts a great value of the Griss Equine Veterinary Practice is its location - a meeting point between the village of Rankweil, Austria and the wide Rhine Valley. The building stands on its intersection and faces from distant the rugged peaks of the Alpstein massif. Serving as a shelter for animals and their caretakers, the veterinary house is set under a single roof including an in-house pharmacy, treatment rooms, lab and stables.

„In such a functional way that the private and public areas are able to coexist without any problem: In short, a finely tuned interaction between work and life, a place of bustle and wellness, both functional and comfy,” Joerg Stadler from Marte.Marte Architects explains. 

Constructed out of rough reinforced concrete and covered with untreated wood, the building perfectly blends with the landscape introducing balanced contrast with natural beauty of the side. The material concept has it continuation in the interior design bringing perfectly coherent harmonious work environment.

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