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Margaret Mitchell visualizes story of loss, love and survival

Research, Photography

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Margaret Mitchell is a documentary and portrait photographer based in Glasgow, Scotland. She is particularly interested in people and their personal stories.
Words: Thisispaper, Margaret Mitchell
Photography: Margaret Mitchell

Presented body of work, titled In This Place, is an attempt to present the dilemma experienced by human beings. “Do we have choices in life, or are some predetermined or made for us?�? asks Margaret. In This Place is a visual story created in the housing estates of central Scotland. In This Place presents a portrait of a sleepy place, where the lives remain relatively still and immobile. This form of life arises question: “What puts us there, what keeps us there and do we want to be there?�?” 

"In This Place looks at family and home, connections and place, touching on issues of social and personal inertia. Against a backdrop of parental loss and limited opportunities. It portrays the now adult children along with their own families and traces the narrative of their present-day lives. In the intervening years, their mother has died, and all the children from the earlier project have moved from one estate poised to undergo urban regeneration to another, where they live in pockets yet to be touched by redevelopment,�? describes the background of this visual narration Margaret, the photographer. 

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