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Christopher Stuart plays with gravity in his new collection of furniture

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Christopher Stuart is an American artist and designer based in Indiana.  In his practice he merges art and design, focusing on emotion as a function and finding the expressiveness within today's technology.
Words: Thisispaper, Christopher Stuart
Photography: Christopher Stuart, Jessica Ucul

Drape Series is a collection of “digitally draped” objects made using a cad software tool simulating real fabric. The core of the objects were first modeled using blocky shapes representing basic furniture elements, and then digitally draped over, creating a “fabric” shell. „Since gravity is non-existent in cad, draping can occur in any direction. The shelf and chair were both draped from the front like throwing fabric at the object versus dropping it from above. Although the software mimics the fall of real fabric using the default settings, it was finding the less controllable variables that were more interesting; a somewhat dissolved version of the original and impossible to create the same drape twice. The resulting forms feel somewhere between natural and digital, real and synthetic,” Christopher describes.

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