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CASE-REAL designed a house where one can hear river sound

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CASE-REAL is a Japanese design practice, run by Koichi Futatsumata in Fukuoka Prefecture of Japan.

Presented below is a brand new design of CASE-REAL, a house completed in summer 2017. The project stands on an extensive plot in Chiba, Japan and occupies area of 135.0 square meters, divided into two levels. The client, a professional photographer, decided to choose this particular plot to built on it his house, since he fell in love with the constant, ravishing sound of the near river heard from the spot.

Because of the client’s profession the house also serves as a photography studio. As the architects describe „we have created a studio space on the 2nd floor, and the living space on the ground floor, and by connecting these two floors with a well hole we aimed to gently link the atmosphere of these separate floors. In addition, by stretching the living room outwards to the stream as an outdoor wood deck, we aimed to take in the surrounding nature as much as possible”.

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