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Clay creations by Yasuhisa Kohyama

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Presented below is a survey of practice of an acclaimed Japanese artist — Yasuhisa Kohyama.

Yasuhisa Kohyama is a renowned, widely appreciated Japanese artist, the one who played a significant role in reviving the traditional Japanese tool — ‘anagama' wood firing kiln. The artist was the first potter who build a traditional kin since Middle Ages, and and is also known as contemporary master of the ancient practice of Sueki. As Yasuhisa describes, the main focus for him is nature — this concept which serves as crucial inspiration for his practice.

„Every time I fire, I’ve come to recognize that I am in Nature; I am a small part of Nature. Intently I watch Nature over and over again; working with clay, inspired by Nature, I am free to allow creation to happen, approaching the experience as the ancients did” — Yasuhisa Kohyama.

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