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Wygnanowice — A house over crystal clear springs

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We had a pleasure of getting to know the tranquil setting offered by House over crystal clear springs, which is perfectly blended into its surroundings of Polish village named Wygnanowice. Surrounded by gorgeous landscape, this robust house holds eternal allure. Designed by architect Marek Zarzeczny and built in 2001, this hideaway mixes contemporary services with wildlife adventures.

Words: Zuzanna Gasior
Photography: Alexander Zakharov
©Thisispaper Studio

It took seven years to complete the whole construction and was run by the owner Anna Zarzeczna. Dolomite is the main material from which the house was built. Inside, the architect decided for a material palette of dolomite, wood, concrete and black stainless steel.

“We truly cared about the quality of im plementation, that’s why the construction took so many years. We also identify with the idea of slow life and eco. Soon, solar panels will be assembled, we have ecological wastewater treatment system and the water we use comes from deep wells. We don’t use any chemicals in the garden, only natural fertilizers,”
explained Anna Zarzeczna.

As Anna said, “The house was supposed to blend in with the surroundings, which is why we used materials available locally. Every single element in the house was designed by Marek Zarzeczny — furniture, lamps, handles — and made to order by local carpenters, craftsmen and welders.”

That’s exactly how we felt when we were spending the time inside. The house openly embraces the presence of nature through the enclosure of its large windows. It doesn’t matter, whether you are eating in a dining room, taking a bath, or taking a rest next to the chimney. You can hang your eyes on nature and just contemplate in any situation. The interior does not overwhelm you and every single element seems to be designed with a large dose of awareness. In fact, I would say it’s a design, that does not impose — it leaves a space for thoughtful observations.

The house may appear a bit inaccessible — like a large solid block of stone. Although, when stepping inside, the residence surprises with constant dialogue it leads with the environment.

Furthermore, what’s truly amazing there — crystal clear springs — pure crystalline water flows out of the ground, from the bottom of the pond, which is located just behind the house. Set in the middle of the wild nature and designed with simplicity in mind, it creates a perfect space to clear one’s head and rest one’s body.


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Location: Wygnanowice, Poland

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