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 The Khampas by Rinchen Ato

Research, Photography

©Leeor Wild

Rinchen Ato has been travelling to her father’s home country since she was a baby, and for the past two decades has captured the region’s unique customs and characters.

The people of Kham, ཁམས་, in Tibet, are renowned for their bravery, horsemanship, marksmanship and fierce sense of independence. Kham is situated in the eastern corner of the Tibetan Plateau and is traditionally referred to as Chushi Gangdruk ཆུ་བཞི་སྒང་དྲུག་ 'four rivers and six ranges'.

The Khampas have a tumultuous history, their territory encroached upon at different times by neighbours to north, west and east . Over the centuries, however, the people of Kham have always sought and often successfully maintained their independence from outsiders, with local chieftains ruling their respective territories.


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