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Slow Motion by Aldo Bakker

Research, Design

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Dutch artist Aldo Bakker used a 12,000-year-old Japanese technique to create a series of lacquered objects currently on show at Carpenters Workshop Gallery in New York City.

Aptly named, Bakker’s first exhibition at the gallery is a thought-provoking collection of sculptural pieces derived from poetic reinterpretations of furniture. While differing in scale, form and materiality, they reveal the designer’s urge for a slowed-down way of seeing. ‘We called it “Slow Motion”. We could’ve called it “Real Time”,’ Bakker reflects, and it is precisely this mindfulness – the journey it takes for the viewer to grasp the essence of Bakker’s work – that makes the exhibition, particularly enticing.

— a fragment from Wallpaper

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