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Selected works by GECKELER MICHELS

Research, Design

Images: Gerhardt Kellermann

GECKELER MICHELS explores product functionality around human habits, with a forecasting eye on ever evolving usages and ways of expression. The duo articulates innovative positions, deliberately embracing history of design, contemporary technologies and digital design methods.

“We’re still trying out to find out the core genes of a persistent ‘leitmotif’ in our work, meanwhile, one can observe a style of neo-modernist minimalism and preciseness in details, that recently prevailed in our sculpture-driven work. For the balance of a broader image, we occasionally allow the archaic idea of warmth and comfort by using round and pleasing forms as well as casually working with subliminal statements from youth culture…yet, balance is an important word for us, because we daily fight for not losing track of adequacy and accuracy.“

— a fragment from ligature.ch

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