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Repair by Baracco+Wright Architects


Linda Tegg and Baracco+Wright Architects, Repair, Pavilion of Australia. Photo Rory Gardiner.

Australian Pavilion at 2018 Venice Biennale to Explore
Architecture's Relation to Endangered Plants

The curators of the 16th International Architecture Exhibition, Biennale Architettura 2018, Yvonne Farrell and Shelley McNamara, have announced the title Freespace. They have asked participants to “encourage reviewing ways of thinking, new ways of seeing the world, of inventing solutions where architecture provides for the well being and dignity of each citizen on this fragile planet”[1].  Responding to this call Mauro Baracco and Louise Wright of Baracco+Wright Architects will collaborate with artist Linda Tegg to present Repair, a living installation inside the Australian Pavilion that will disrupt the viewing conditions through which we understand architecture and the land it occupies. The broader team supporting the Creative Directors includes 
architect Paul Memmott, landscape architect Chris Sawyer, landscape architect and urban designer Tim O’Loan, ecologist David Freudenberger, curatorial advisor Catherine Murphy, architect Lance van Maanen and graduate of architecture Jonathan Ware.

Repair will address Farrell and McNamara’s call “to stimulate discussion on core architectural values” [2] and to validate the “relevance of architecture on this dynamic planet”[3] under their theme Freespace, by focusing on architecture that integrates built and natural systems to effect repair of the environment, and in so doing, repair of other conditions. Through this lens, this exhibition provokes new relevance and roles for architecture. ︎

“This is driven by an interest in how images
inform our embodied experiences.”

from interview with Linda Tegg, ArtGuide

Linda Tegg and Baracco+Wright Architects, Repair, Pavilion of Australia. Photo Rory Gardiner.


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