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Heritage of the fashion house Pringle of Scotland in a book by Manuely Avila

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Manuely Avila is a graphic design born in Venezuela, currently based in Melbourne, Australia. Except for graphic, Manuely also considers fashion as a field of her interests - an example of it is a book titled Two Centuries of Heritage.
Words: Thisispaper, Manuely Avila
Photography: Courtesy of Manuely Avila

The book is an exclusive publication designed to commemorate fashion brand Pringle of Scotland and its rich history. The design of the book is inspired by the beautiful Scottish landscapes, fabrics used by the brand on their fashion creations and eventually a relation between two. As Manuely shares her thoughts: ”the intention was to create something unique that didn't resemble any other fashion related material out there. It is divided in four different sections, each one explore different aspects of the brand such as their heritage, their collections and their creative collaborations with artist like Michael Clark and Albert Watson.”

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