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Giselle Hicks embodies touch in the form of a vessel

Research, Design, Craft

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Giselle Hicks is a potter answering to varied creative impulses. Starting from the full-scale ceramic tables, ending with decorative wall tiles and pinched vessels, Giselle expands her fields of interests in her studio in Snowmass Village, CO.

Words: Thisispaper
Photography: Courtesy of Giselle Hicks

After a long-drawn struggling and developing complicated techniques and processes of working with the material, Giselle was not enough satisfied with the final outcome of her works, having an impression of creating in an overworked way. Seeking for a material that would express certain sense of ease and simplicity, she fell in love with a coil and pinch technique. With the use of this traditional method, the artist started her formal explorations in shape, volume, color and composition. To emphasize tactile experience of the collection, Giselle gave it a personal and intimate character by impressing her finger prints during the forming process, creating the mottled texture on the surface of each one.

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