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Borders define today’s media landscape and receive new relevance in our society. What limitations separate, which defined spaces unite? The book BORDERS questions otherness, separation and power hierarchies contextualising fashion and art at core.

“The late British cosmologist Stephen Hawking argued in a 2016 documentary that humanity’s time on Earth was drawing to a close. His proposal for a second planetary home leads us to Proxima Centauri b, an Earth-sized exoplanet named Proxima Centauri in the so-called Goldilocks Belt – a theoretically habitable region near one of the closest stars to our own. “Near” and “Closest” are relative terms here. Proxima b is 25 million million miles from Earth.

The transition to “Proxima b” is one subject in a new fashion book by stylist Nicole Walker and Anders Haal, founder of Stockholm-based fashion label HAAL. Borders takes otherness, separation, and power, as primary themes, and launched during Paris Fashion Week 2018.”

— a fragment from 032

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