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Nostalgia for the lost habitat pictured by Ania Gubernat and Magdalena Kmiecik

Research, Visual Arts

©Magdalena Kmiecik and Ania Gubernat

Polish artistic duo of a photographer Magdalena Kmiecik and a painter Ania Gubernat, returns to our feed with a mixed media dreamy project — Wonder’ land.
Words: Thisispaper, Magdalena Kmiecik and Ania Gubernat
Photography: Courtesy of Magdalena Kmiecik and Ania Gubernat

The series was created as an answer to the artists’ observations of our the present-day generation. Built around a photograph from a family archive, taken during a travel to New York, the project invites one to enter into an imaginary world of dreams, desires, nostalgia for the places, memories, longings for nature and perfection.

In the words of the artists: „ The idea of a home instantly leads to familiar feelings of security and stability. Taming the space and the act of domesticating a new place creates a new order. As a result people gain an area that is safe and harmless, or in other words, a shelter. In modern culture relations between human beings and their inhabited space take multiple forms. The concept of home has stopped being evidently linked to the same constant values as before. The 21st century man is a wanderer- tourist, often changing place of stay, migrating in a search for a better life, not satisfied with what life has offered until now. Constantly redefining space leads to a feeling of homelessness and, in result, to loneliness.”

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