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A spacious workshop transformed into a living space by Arquitectura-G

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Except experimenting with the small scale projects like the Claudio family, the team of Arquitectura-G constantly brings the proofs of their unexceptional, iconic style in forming inner spaces.
Words: Thisispaper
Photography: Courtesy of Arquitectura-G

This time the design challenge of Arquitectura G was to transform a tailor shop into a living space. Entering into the space that still remembers the presence of the sewing machines and the fabric rolls, the aim of the architect was to interact with the arrangement of space, while paying respect to its former function. 

The first thing to accomplish, by the team of Arquitectura G was to adjust the spacious area to the human scale. At the same time they had in mind not to loose the workshop's unique character. Thus, they found cubic partitions in form of furniture, as the perfect dividers and the core of the space’s new function. Following the logic of a simple strong idea, the architects kept the range of materials very simple, choosing only two colors, both in various textures.

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