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Contemporary interpretation of grey tuff stone buildings by AMUNT Architekten

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The design team of the German architecture practice AMUNT Architekten, consisting of Björn Martenson, Sonja Nagel, Jan Theissen, worked together to create a simplified energy efficient house.

Presented house titled JustK is located in the German city of Tübingen, situated on a south-facing slope with a beautiful view over the city and its fabled castle. Building a budget-friendly, energy efficient house was an important factor for the client, while constructing a comfortable space for two adults and four children. To meet their expectations, the architecture studio designed a building lying on the standards of a passive house, keeping in mind low cost solutions to minimize expenses. Taking advantage of the benefits of wood, such as the good energy balance, it was used as the dominant material throughout the entire house. In order to create a good living space, the house was maximally built for functionality and flexibility.

As the architects explain, “the individual rooms of 7.5 to 9 m2 are quite small, the house offers flexible-use spaces in the attic and an open ground floor that accommodates various activities with its 12 m2 balcony and 23 m2 entry court with an outdoor kitchen. Room-width glazing and inventive spatial and programmatic overlapping impart a sense of spaciousness, varied atmospheres, and manifold opportunities – all within a minimal area. Moreover, the house can be easily split into two living units of 81 and 57 m2 respectively, each with a separate entrance, should the family situation require the change. To do so, only one partition must be added on the first floor.”

The unique shape of the construction is a result of maximizing spatial volume, besides listening to the request of the uphill neighbors to keep the view of Tübingen Castle unimpeded. As a result of all the thoughtful design, the outcome is an impressive contemporary interpretation of the grey tuff stone buildings from the 1920s, occupying the city of Tübingen.

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