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Lyrical and visual view on Linn Botanic Gardens closed in a fine book by A Practice For Everyday Life

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A Practice For Everyday Life. brings us regularly exquisite inspirations in the field of graphic design. This time we invite you to discover their Another Green World, a publication recording time spent in bushes by artist Alison Turnbull and writer Philip Hoare.

Words: Thisispaper, A Practice For Everyday Life
Photography: Courtesy of A Practice For Everyday Life

Founded in 1970 by Jim Taggart and his son, Linn Botanic Gardens faces Loch Long on Cove Bay, in the Scottish Borders. Growing over the years the gardens are one of the most significant bio places in Scotland due to diversity of species and size. On this biodiverse space the artist Alison Turnbull and writer Philip Hoare formed a pictorial and lyrical portrait, transomed into a book by the designers of A Practice of Everyday Life. „The bespoke typography on the cover takes inspiration from structural forms in nature and geometric aspects of Turnbull’s work, and the contents include photographs of Linn Gardens taken by Turnbull and photographer Ruth Clark. These are presented alongside drawings, charts, and accounts by Philip Hoare of various visits to the Gardens and Linn Villa. An insert inside the back cover contains a list of every species in the garden, as compiled by Jamie Taggart”, the designers explain.

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