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Aeiouy by Vowel

"Represented by written symbols these perceived 'images' are the result of a autonomous research. Which focusses on material aesthetics, by constructing waste-material out of loose connections. The context in which these objects behave, define their capability to re-sense."

Vowel is an ongoing collaboration between Beau Bertens and Eline Ceelen. Both designers in the field of graphic and textile design. Their main focus is based on concept, material research and the curiosity for the unknown. With an interdisciplinary approach their spectrum of work interacts with art and design.

They create semi-functional objects with a sense of vagueness and fuzzy reality. That touches the boundaries of readability, abstraction and representation. Vowel challenges the perception by reinterpreting time-bounded knowledge into an abstract conceptual context. — One can not understand natural phenomena only by science, but also needs to feel emotional attracted to them. What we consider as reality is based on our knowledge of today.

Vowel functions as a meta-language. A visual aesthetic system that constructs language and consists out of semiotics — ordered by form, material and content. The interpretation of this system lies in the eye of the beholder. Vowel, a base for creation.

Words and images: Courtesy of Beau Bertens & Eline Ceelen