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Actualities by Thomas Albdorf

Extraordinary works of Vienna based photographer Thomas Albdorf have their unique quality. Very pictorial still lifes - arranged spontaneously or staged carefully, always play with the background. Every day objects create intriguing compositions and are caught with great subtlety and feeling.

'The series “Actualities” was a redefinition of my sculptural approach. All the arrangements, mainly consisting of objects that are easily overlooked in an everyday context, are either constructed very spontaneously with on-site found objects or define themselves as photographic sculptures solely through the act of photography, whereas this very action conducted with my camera functions as a sculptural intervention. The goal is not to construct a stunning and complex sculpture, rather than revealing given qualities within the materials I use to enable a different reading of these often hardly perceived things.'

Words: Thomas Albdorf, Thisispaper
Photography: Thomas Albdorf