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House in Itami by Tato Architects

This narrow house in Itami was a true architectural challenge for Tato Architects. Climbing its way up with the clean cubical facade, this living space is a combination of stairs, glass and wooden furniture with a modern Japanese vibe. Maximizing utility aspects needs minimallistic approach.

'When I have the honor of seeing an architect-designed house, I sometimes feel as if design furniture is telling messages. I wonder if it is right to summarize by saying “respect the original space and don’t bring any unnecessary things”, but it seems almost like a strong desire as much as to say not to fill the space with anything does not deserve it. (...) In this house, architectural elements such as stairs, a laundry space, closets, hand rails and toilets are made as if those are furniture. Except for those, there are only floors. As such, architecture and furniture are mingled and those meanings become relative each other, in which way I keep trying to create freedom in rooms as if all of those are just randomly placed and used by chance.'

Words: Tato Architects, Thisispaper
Photography: Koichi Torimura