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Everyday Needs

What are your everyday needs? This New Zealand-based store has everything aesthete would wish for. Minimalistic home supplies and kitchen ware, bath accessories and even clothes - the name of the store says it all. The goods are not only beautiful, but also carefully manufactured and of a great quality. We give it a big yes!

Exploring Bali by Jelito de Leon

If the distance from exotic beauty of Indonesia is holding you back from admiring it, take a look at this journey. Famous Luwak coffee, sunny streets of Bali or workers in the fields - you will find it all, captured by photographer Jelito de Leon.


As you may know already, we are great fans of well designed accessories. Ölend, brand based in Barcelona, specializes in handmade, customized bags and backpacks that will win your heart. Take a look at their beautiful lookbook, where accessories definitely play main roles!

Notes on Blindness

Oh, this short movie. Writer and theologian John Hull lost his vision in 1983, after years of slowly deteriorating eyesight. For the next three years he kept a diary on audio-cassette, describing his experiences from the dark world of blindness. This film is a dramatic interpretation of his recordings, with original audio. This is a must-see.