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Loom Chair by Laura Carwardine


The Loom Chair is part of an exploration in incorporating magnified textile techniques into functional everyday objects. While many furniture pieces include a textile component, it is less common that the joinery techniques between hard and soft materials are celebrated. In this chair, thick rope is used to emulate the warp threads on a loom at an enlarged scale. This magnification allows the textile technique to become a feature, which changes shape depending on the viewing angle. Both visual interest and structure are achieved with this rope pattern, allowing for a minimization of the components required.

The Loom Chair is created from one continuous piece of orange climbing rope, wrapped over a maple wooden dowel structure. The rope is wrapped by hand around four parallel horizontal dowels which provide the primary support, in a pattern that increases friction and helps prevent the rope from sliding. Two holes in the lower back dowel allow the rope to be secured at either end with knots, yet also adjusted or replaced if needed. The dowels are attached with glued joints, and the exposed ends are left flat to accentuate the simple geometry. The Loom Chair is 26" wide, 28" deep, and 31" high.


Words and photos: Courtesy of Laura Carwardine