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Villa Mecklin by Huttunen Lipasti Pakkanen Architects

Created with friends of Helsinki-based team Risto Huttunen, Santeri Lipasti, Pekka Pakkanen, the house was built at a leisurely pace, and thus they were able to study the construction details and develop them on site, sometimes while fishing, having a sauna or relaxing during the evenings. Also the place itself stands for relaxed atmophere amidst the shelter of the narrow zone of trees and its sheltered terrace extending over the summit of the rock. Simple and perfect place for summer getaway.

"Villa Mecklin has mainly been a self-build project. The rocky northern cape of Mustaluoto Island shelters a boat marina on its eastern side. On the west-facing plot there are tall trees growing in the humus that has gathered in a narrow rock crevice. Otherwise the surroundings consist of exposed rock and low vegetation: moss, grasses, heather and juniper bushes.

One arrives from the harbour to the entrance of the main building sheltered by the trees. After a descent of a couple of steps, the expansive landscape of the western shore, with its long vistas, unfolds. A fireplace has been sunk into the centre of the large terrace, accessed via a hatch in the decking. When the fire is not lit and the hatch is in place, it is possible to use the whole terrace as, for example, a dance floor. In connection with the shoreline sauna, there is also a stove-heated cabin for guests."

Words: Huttunen Lipasti Pakkanen Architects, Thisispaper
Photography: Courtesy of Huttunen Lipasti Pakkanen Architects