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Through the window by Giorgio Barrera

Exquisite selection of images in voyeuristic project by Milan based photographer will surely change your way in observing neighbours. Giorgio Barrera's work has been focusing on the representation of the daily rituals of domestic life and landscape photography such as containers of reality, imbued with symbolism and imaginary.

"I started this project in 2002 and stop working at it in 2009. I mainly shot in Italy but other photographs were taken in Norway, Denmark, Spain, Germany, Finland and Sweden. The window is a transparent threshold which delimits a public space from a private one. I’ve always taken the role of the viewer becaues he/she is the real receiver of the image, it is important to me to leave the viewer with the feeling that he himself is the one looking through his own eyes, with no mediation, and this impression of enjoying a privileged, protected position results in identification with the situation. All these images are staged. For many years to create a stage of the banal moments of daily life has been my main interest."

Words: Giorgio Barrera, Thisispaper
Photography: Giorgio Barrera