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Emirates Inflight Magazine by Gabriela Isabel Maskrey


"It was part of my Master's programme at Elisava in Barcelona and was a key component in completing the Editorial Design Postgraduate course. Tutored by Albert Folch and Oscar Germade, the brief was to design an inflight magazine for an airline of our choice. Keen to experiment with new languages further than those commonly spoken in Europe, Emirates was the chosen one. Fascinated by the texture formed by Chinese and Arabic typography, and considering the profile of international business travelers; I designed a publication destined for Business and First Class with text represented in English, Arabic and Chinese.

It is a Moleskine-cover and sized magazine composed of 10 sections with an overarching theme of Global Affairs (#1 Flash News, #2 Business Brief, #3 Culture, #4 People, #5 Art + Design, #6 Be, or Be, #7 Green Being, #8 The Affair, #9 Digest, #10 Suitcase). Articles are snack-size, easy to read and swamped with great photography, with all three languages conveniently (but also elegantly) interacting with each other throughout the publication.

The publication is untitled, it is simply named Emirates Inflight Magazine. However each issue showcases an unprecedented word in it's cover; this first issue chose the word 'wei' which in Chinese connotates; power, might and prestige. It is a magazine that aims to be a collectable item which wil feature in each issue something unique and desirable."


Words and photos: Courtesy of Gabriela Isabel Maskrey