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Miradors by Erwan Fichou

It all started with a vision. A man was standing on the top of the tree shaped like an UFO, in Mexico city. Three years later, during the residence, photographer Erwan Frichou decided to turn this memory into an art project called "Miradors". Erwan worked with gardeners to create interesting shapes and invited people in the street to climb those peculiar topiary trees.

"What's interesting about pictures isn't their function, to represent reality, but their dynamic potential, their ability to spark and build projections, interactions, narrative frameworksmechanisms that structure reality[…]an image is the result of movements that are temporarily sedimentary or crystallized in it[…] Beyond metaphors, we must understand that, paradoxically, our contemporary sensitivity predisposes us to prophecy, not history. We live in a world of images that precede reality; we're not looking to see, unless it's déjà-vu. (...) Not a documentary essay, not a conceptual serie, just a way of thinking and asembling some elements I like to consider as artistic material or forms, in order to create what I hope to be a frame where people can project...or imagine...or interact..."

Words: Erwan Fichou, Thisispaper
Photography: Erwan Fichou