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Summer house Gotland by Enflo Arkitekter

This beautiful summer house is a result of a collaboration between Enflo Arkitekter and DEVE Architects. In the lovely landscape of Swedish Gotland, the shed-like building has enough delicacy and lightness in its form to compliment the surroundings perfectly. The use of local wood - for walls, floors and ceilings - as well as the connection with local building traditions were the core of the design.

'The site on the Swedish island Gotland in the Baltic Sea is surrounded by open fields to the north and low forest in the south. The slim volume invites light into the house and makes nature always present. A tarred pine roof adds character to the sheer volume and spans the private bedrooms and bathroom, the indoor and outdoor living room and the guest room. In time, after a number of tar treatments the roof and the façade will have the same colour. The outdoor living room is designed for the unstable Swedish summer climate with rain, wind and sun. Exterior sliding shades stop the wind, protects against sunlight and is used to close the house.'

Words: Enflo Arkitekter, Thisispaper
Photography: Joachim Belaieff