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A/W 15 by Emma Bradstreet

Emma Bradstreet is a Fashion Design Student from Kingston University who created the collection inspired by the Japanese aesthetic ‘Wabi Sabi’. Her project celebrates the beauty of things imperfect, impermanent and incomplete.

"The word ‘Wabi’ connotes rustic simplicity, freshness, quietness and an understated elegance. It can refer to quirks and uniqueness arising from the construction process. The word ‘Sabi’ by contrast relates to beauty or serenity that comes with age, when an object’s wear and tear is evidenced and its impermanence exposed. Inspired by cracks, crevices and all other marks that time and weather leave behind, ‘Imperfect, Impermanent, Incomplete’ is embodied by symmetric shapes, rough textures, subtle hues and natural materials. Strongly influenced by menswear, the collection features a range of timeless and classic silhouettes, focusing on the reinvention of traditional pieces through unconventional fabric choices and a tendency to flaunt the unwritten rules of tailoring. An asymmetric lapel or an angled shirt placket, each working detail leads to a new interpretation of a classic tailored garment. Using a combination of clever cutting, contemporary fabrication and minimalist design, this collection incorporates British tradition, skill and quality where good design is about enduring quality and understated detail."

Words: Emma Bradstreet, Thisispaper
Photography: Yuvali Theis