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Supermarket Simulacrum II by Corey Bartle-Sanderson

"At the heart of my work is a fascination with the mundaneness of the everyday. Objects are overlooked, they become invisible in this blur of overfamiliarity with the daily inattention. When we look at the everyday objects we don’t stop to think about them, in ways of colour, shape and form, we just accept what they are, no questions are asked. With Supermarket Simulacrum I wanted the objects/ the fruit to take on this even more so, with camouflaging them into the background, however at the same time, making us more aware of them, making us think about the objects more, looking at the image again and again questioning the content. I want the viewer to question the reality of the objects, the marble outer layer suggesting the fruit is not however next to the images of the sliced fruit revealing the existence."

Words and images: Courtesy of Corey Bartle-Sanderson