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Mushroom Picker by Charlotte Heal

This lovingly crafted book is designed and created by Charlotte Heal - London based art director and designer specialising in art and fashion projects. The Mushroom Picker tells the tale of charismatic mushroom characters thriving in an English wood, and of one heroine in particular, Penny Bun – a rare and spectacular porcini – who evades the Mushroom Picker's annual autumn harvest. All the images (luminograms) were created by the author and photographer David Robinson by the camera less process of laying the hand-cut mushroom directly on the plate glass of the enlarger. Such a perfect treat to read before sleep.

"This children's book tells the tale of mushroom characters living in English woodland evading the Mushroom Picker's annual autumn harvest. The project was a close collaboration between myself, David and Robert Violette of Violette Editions. I chose the typeface Harbour for its modern yet
haunting qualities. Treating type and image as a whole, the verses are interspersed amongst the characters, supporting one another and adding to the atmospheric story. A modern classic it is aimed at leaving a lasting impression on adults and children alike."

Words: Charlotte Heal, Thisispaper
Photography: David Robinson