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Belek by Atelier Olschinsky


“The sky is rarely so yellow. Just once a year, sometimes even only every two years. Namely then when the wind brings us the sand from the desert,” Achmed explains in perfect German, whilst he stands leant up against the front of his leather shop, stirring his sweet mint tea with a tiny silver spoon. At this time there aren't many tourists who want to buy his almost designer bags, when there are, then mainly women, so especially in the off-season he stands at the entrance to his shop to show indecisive buyers

the way in. But now he is waiting for something else. Long-wished for rain is about to pour down in a few minutes as though it were Judgement Day. Then the streets will finally be empty apart from the few holiday-makers who will be drenched to the skin in the few seconds they run to their shuttle busses as though they were running for their lives. Until then though Ahmed stands silently in front of his shop watching the yellow sky because such beauty can only be seen once a year."


Words: Verena Weiss
Photos: Peter Olschinsky, Verena Weiss