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Huginn&Muninn Sauna by Atelier Forte


The sauna, made of spruce wood, accommodates two people. As the Scandinavian tradition it's powered by a wood stove. The portholes on the walls frame the sunsets on the Piacenza hills, and a warm light floods in the small space.

From the project by Duilio Forte, Huginn&Muninn is entirely handmade. AtelierFORTE manufactures outdoor saunas since 1994, and every sauna is unique, designed and created ad hoc. The AtelierFORTE work method involves the realization of a sketch, a preliminary drawing that must convey the soul of the project. Then it's possible to proceed with the construction work. During these activities it's relevant to study and strike a deal wit materials. It's important the adherence with the emotional state of the initial design too. Any technical drawings are made during construction, in support of the assembly operations.

The process used by AtelierFORTE is synthesized in Manifesto Arkizoic, the artistic style drafted by Arch. Duilio Forte in 2009, taking as reference the laws of natural evolution and forms of animals and plants.

Huginn and Muninn mean "thought" and "memory". Those are the names of the two ravens of Odin. Every day he sends them flying over all the earth, and they come back and tell him everything they have seen and heard. There is an analogy with the sauna as a moment of reflection and relaxation at the end of a long day.


Words and photos: Courtesy of Atelier Forte

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