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AW13 ‘Special Relativity’ by Alan Taylor


Alan Taylor's menswear collection for Autumn/Winter 2013 is a careful selection of garments, with equal consideration paid to the way those garments are constructed. It explores the idea of juxtaposition in both concept and silhouette.

The main inspiration this season was the theory of the 4th dimension: if we were 4-dimensional beings looking at a 3-dimensional object, we wouldn't see the 2-dimensional view that our eyes perceive in reality. Theoretically, we would see every single side of the object simultaneously.

This came into Taylor’s designs through the meshing-together of individual garments. The evolution of precise outfit details into single garments became the focus of the collection: jackets seemed to grow naturally out of the back of other jackets, trousers layered with flattened shorts and jacket vents. To develop this idea even more, the juxtapostion of fabrics within the garments themselves - this season, mainly nets and tweeds - has furthered Taylor’s overall ethos. His aim is to push the interpretation of modern menswear.

This season Taylor broadens his color and fabric story with a fresh palette of both tone and texture. Taylor worked closely with Magee Tweeds, a cornerstone of Ireland’s weaving heritage, choosing a considered range from their repertoire that is directional while staying true to his own aesthetic. These tweeds provide a base for the collection, by adding a contemporary texture while still representing Magee’s classic techniques. Ranging from charcoal grey to textured crimson and navy blue, the tweeds are juxtaposed with complementary nets and cotton shirting.

Alan Taylor's AW13 collection is not trying to be an over the top departure from contemporary menswear. Rather, it develops classic ideas while taking a fresh look at construction and fabrication.


Words: Courtesy of Alan Taylor
Photography: James White